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Electro Fusion & Butt Fusion

Do you require electro/butt fusion apparatus? We have everything you need to perform electro and butt fusion. Our equipment offers our customers ease of use and great practicality. The condition of our tooling is kept to a high standard to ensure the quality of your products is promoted. Our time-served, experienced team can even help you with the operation of our electro and butt fusion equipment. For more information, or to arrange the hire of our electro and butt fusion equipment, get in touch today.

Electro & Butt Fusion Equipment

Electro & Butt Fusion Equipment

Electro and butt fusion is the preferred method of pipe joining within the utility industry. This process involves welding plastic pipes together, most commonly high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This service is beneficial to those who work in the water, gas, fluid transfer, and utility industries. By joining pipes in this fashion, you acquire leakproof systems that are highly efficient. This is a result of the refined process that reduces man-hours while also diminishing waste. The join itself offers more strength than the pipe. Electro and butt fusion offers quick and robust solutions.

The Process

The process of electro/butt fusion starts with planning and preparing the surfaces of the pipes that are to be joined. From here, the faces are then cleaned and inspected before being offered up to one another. At this point, the machine heats the area up and applies the appropriate pressure to ensure the required join is achieved with respect to the pipe’s specifications. From here, the bead is removed, and the join is assessed for quality control. And there you have it: one successfully electro/butt fusion joint.

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